This 150-year-old Wisteria tree in Japan looks like a pink sky

They say the sky can be painted in any color, but nothing compares with a pink-purple late evening sky. Believe it or not, a tree actually reassembles this glorious view. If you only want feel its magnificent touch, all you have to do, is to visit Japan and venture into the country’s breathtaking Ashikaga Flower Park.

Instagram/Ashikaga Flower Park

Though the multicolored park isn’t the largest in the world, it is definitely the home of the most beautiful tree on Earth. For over one and a half century, here grows a stately Wisteria, a gorgeous, massive tree that leaves everyone open-mouthed.

When full bloom, the 150-year-old tree looks nothing short of stunning. Its flowers turn the place into a pink sky, or more into a gathering of pinky clouds – depending on whom you ask. Either way, its beauty is indeed remarkable, and the countless photos of it stand as a proof.

Instagram/Ashikaga Flower Park

An impressive appearance, the tree needed some extra help from humans to look like that, and to keep its gleam over the years. A steel structure has been built to sustain the tree’s branches and this way, to avoid them collapsing under its own heavyweight.

Due to this structure, the Wisteria looks even more magical, just like a gigantic umbrella made out of pink and bright purple flowers. The place is like a Mecca for photographers and nature enthusiasts from all over the world. However, the best time to visit the most famous Wisteria tree is from middle of April to the middle of May. It’s when it is full bloom.

Instagram/Ashikaga Flower Park


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Instagram/Ashikaga Flower Park
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