Nice guy takes care of over 750 stray dogs

This man’s love for dogs goes beyond any imagination. Sasha Pesic is a kindhearted man from the city of Nis, Serbia, whose ultimate goal is to rescue as many abandoned dogs as possible. And so far he did a great job. Over a decade, Sasha has rescued more than 1,200 stray dogs and he doesn’t plan to stop any time soon

Image credits Sasha Pesic/Facebook

But he did not just rescued those poor souls. He currently cares for over 750 of them even now as for the rest he saved has managed to find adopting families in his home country and abroad.

Image credits Sasha Pesic/Facebook

Ever since he can remember, Sasha had a great fond for animals, especially dogs. But his rescue mission initially started in 2008, when the kind man saved the life of a four abandoned puppies. Seven years later, back in 2015 he became an internet sensation, after a video of him risking his life to save a stranded dog, went viral on Facebook with over 60 million views.

In a country where there are technically no laws to protect animals from their heartless owner, Sasha has done the impossible. The hero is currently running the biggest shelter in Serbia, if not in the Eastern Europe. Over 750 dogs are being cared every single day thanks to this nice guy.

Image credits Sasha Pesic/Facebook

“The problem here is in the system and the institutions that should be taking care of this,” he told Bored Panda. “They cause even more damage rather than actually helping the situation. On the other hand the owners irresponsibility and carelessness is another major problem.”

Imagine that only to feed those pups every day costs over $11,000. Needless to mention the costs of veterinary care and the shelter maintenance or other things. Therefore, Sasha has a strong reason to be upset with the authorities. More than that, he hardly find support with the locals as they barely help him. Instead there are a lot of people who came by daily to leave their dogs at Sasha’s shelter.

“People usually come to leave behind unwanted dogs, they rarely come to pet one of the dogs at the shelter,” he told the local news outlet Niske Vesti. “Dogs are living beings and I think they should be treated better, but that’s the way it is here. I have asked for help many times and it is always needed, but people simply don’t want to hear about that.”

Image credits Sasha Pesic/Facebook

Thankfully Sasha’s voice has been heard abroad. Now he runs the shelter exclusively from foreign donations. Animal lovers from all over the world decided to offer their support to this true hero. So many donate for his beautiful cause!

Image credits Sasha Pesic/Facebook

For Sasha, there isn’t a better reward than spending time with his rescue dogs. To see tham happy is all ever wanted. “I am with them all day,” the good Samaritan told The Dodo. “Every day, I get up around 5:30 a.m. and I go to sleep around midnight. I usually drive away around the country to find [stray] dog. I feel terrible when I see those dogs…but I know I can help them.” More about this hero, in the video bellow!

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