This man quit his aeronautical job to travel the world and here is how his notebooks look like

We live in a time where technology is everywhere. A time where a smartphone seems to be indispensable. However, there are still a lot of people who’re using notebooks for their reminders, important dates or even their thoughts. But this man is using notebooks in a truly artistic way.

This man’s notebooks are pieces of art.

For years Jose Naranja, from Madrid, Spain  has worked as an aeronautic engineer. Since 2005 he decided to quit his job and he started to dedicate his entirely time to traveling. Then he discovered his unusual passion for notebook art. All started when Jose found a Moleskine pocket journal. And even it’s hard to believe, till then the ex-engineer has never drawn a thing. He never took art or painting classes, but still his skills seems to be unmarked.

His notebooks are looking so beautiful. Filled with notes and hand-drawn illustrations, they’re looking like genuine pieces of art. Using drawings, watercolors, fountain pens, photos and stamps, Jose managed to fill 15 notebooks so far.

On each page I put my thoughts: ideas, experiences, anecdotesEach one is completely different, the story-line is the life and, as in the life, every day is different,” he said.

Since 2012, the artist decided to create an Instagram account to share his passion and his work with others. Now he has more than 150,000 followers. He also has a personal blog where he talks about his travel experiences and his passion. He also sales his beautiful drawings and his notebooks.

Bellow you can admire his enchanting handcrafted notebooks.






In 2012 Jose discovered his passion for notebooks!








So far he filled almost 15 notebooks!




In the video bellow you can take a look at one of Jose’s pieces of art. Those notebooks are simply adorable!

Photos source: @josenaranjasite/Facebook

Source: josenaranja.blogspot


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