Baby elephant fails as he tries to drink from his trunk, warms hearts instead

Just like human toddlers, animal babies enter the world with still so much to learn. Sometimes, they have real struggles to do things which makes these scenes nothing short of adorable. A baby elephant found himself in such a difficult situation!

Graeme Mitchley Wildlife Channel

It was an extremely hot day in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, so when this family of elephants came across a pond, they all hurried to quench their thirst, except a tiny calf who struggled to use his little trunk. Apparently nobody told him how how to drink with his trunk. The hilarious moment was caught on camera by safari tourist Graeme Mitchley!

Graeme Mitchley Wildlife Channel

While all of his family just pull up water using their trunks and then pouring it into their mouths, this little fellas looks more confused than ever. He just waves his trunk on surface of the water, but his mouth is still dry. His pretty bizarre technique, although very funny, doesn’t seem to help him at all.

Graeme Mitchley Wildlife Channel

Unsatisfied, the cute little thing tries another way. This time he’s splashing water up into his mouth, more like a dog would do. Again, his efforts doesn’t pay off. So he he goes and skips his tiny trunk entirely into water. Minutes after, the baby elephant seems to got back into sense as he suddenly remembers how to use his trunk.

Watch the adorable moment, bellow:

h.t: thedodo

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