Toddler adorably tells pregnant mom in hospital he needs her

Nothing compares with the love between a mother and her baby, as it’s proved by this this little boy. While her mom is in hospital preparing to give birth to her sixth child, this toddler is telling her how much he needs her.

“We need our mama. We don’t want nothing to happen to you,” said Bryce who was heartbroken at the thought of something happening to his mom. “That’s why I’m in the hospital, so they can take out your sister,” responded her mother, who’s also reminding him that he has a elder brother and a father home, but the boy’s answer is absolutely adorable: “I don’t need no brother, I don’t need no dad. I just need you,” he said.

The video of little Bryce melting  any mother’s heart went viral with millions of views. You can watch the touching moment bellow!

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