Toddler takes disabled dog for a walk – video of their bond is melting hearts

This puppy and his little human friend are just too cute for words (but we’ll try our best!). The duo likes to take walks together, spend time snuggling, and make people’s heads turn when they are seen in the neighborhood. You see, this duo is more than extraordinary – they are defying obstacles and overcoming stereotypes.

Echo the dog is deaf and has limited sight, but that doesn’t stop Jenny from taking her canine BFF for a walk. The tiny tot even insists on holding the leash, with mom closely watching nearby. Jenny’s mom says the dynamic duo have been inseparable since Jenny’s birth.

The two have quite the bond, as Jenny likes to sneak the big dog some of her food, and Echo is mega protective of his pint-sized pal. Thank goodness for Jenny’s mom rescuing Echo. Sadly, the dog was almost euthanized by her former owner because of her disabilities. We double dog dare you not to gush over this video of love in action!

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