2-year-old hears Elvis song, crowd loses it second they realize he moves like the king himself

Even if he’s only 2-year-old, this little boy recently proved he could dance a lot better than many adults. William, the son of Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe, both professional dancers, showed his adorable dancing skills at a recent gala. His parents who’re actually well known on the dance scene, own Studio 43, a ballroom dance place in Denmark. Anyway, their son’s recent performance made them jealous and proud too.

As soon as the king of rock ‘n roll Elvis’ hit song ‘Jailhouse Rock’ starts playing, William takes the stage to show off how talented he is, despite his early age. Heart melted by the little dancer’s cuteness, the crowd starts to encourage him by applauding his adorable performance.

As the beat goes on, the whole audience is falling in love with William improvised scene. Thankfully the sweet moment was captured on camera and shared online so everyone could watch William’s enchanting dancing skills. So far, the video has more than 35 million views as well as thousands of positive comments supporting William’s impromptu performance. He’ll definitely have a brightness future in dancing.

You can watch this adorable tiny dancer in the video below!

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