Town in Iceland paints 3D zebra crosswalk to slow down speeding cars

Road safety is so important for both drivers and pedestrians. Suitable street signs and road markings have a major contribution to this. Recently, the technology proved us it could highly increase road safety. And the best example is Ísafjörður, a small town in Iceland. The town’s official decided to paint a zebra crosswalk in 3D.

This innovative design is so helpful. For pedestrians it give the impression of walking on air, while for the drivers it helps to get attention. Spotting this floating ‘zebra stripes,’ drivers will slow down their speed.

The project was Ralf Trylla idea, the environmental commissioner of Ísafjörður. He got inspired by a similar project in New Delhi. Helped by the street painting company Vegmálun GÍH, the commissioner’s great idea came true.




Photos source: Vegamálun GÍH/Facebook

Bellow you can watch this beautiful and so safety increasing innovation! Would you like to see one of this in your city? Tell us in a comment!



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