Twitter wants to hug the dog who saved a girl from falling into a lake

All dog lover think their four-legged friends are the best. However, if you ever think there’s nothing, a doggy can do that can possibly outdo their own goodness, then you need to hear this!

Recently, a video showing a dog while preventing a little girl from falling into a lake, went viral. But more than that, people on Twitter were completely blown away by the dog’s sense of responsibility. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

After the girl is getting a little too close to the water, the dog act in such a quick manner to pull her back. And now, people started a petition to rename ‘Courage, The Cowardly Dog’ to ‘Courage, The Courageous Dog’.

Anyway, that is not all. After the dog saved the day in such a manner, he just thought it is not enough, so he must also fetch the ball, for which the girl went to the water in the first place. I mean, how many medals in one day?

Therefore, the internet has come together to virtually pet this incredible boy!


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