Rare footage shows two grizzly bears having a clash along highway

For those who live in British Columbia is nothing unusual to come face to face with large grizzly bears. However, to stumble across two huge bears while clashing in the middle of a highway, it might be too much, even for someone who actually lives in the bears land.

It’s what happened to Cari McGillivray, while driving on Highway 37A, from his hometown, Stewart. The woman couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted the two bears having some strongly disagreements. Fortunately, the woman captured the intense moment on her cellphone and share it on Facebook. The rare footage went viral ever since, gaining almost three million views.

“Don’t normally post on here but thought I’d share this incredibly rare and amazing moment with all you guys of these grizzlies fighting! Keep a sharp eye out for the little wolf that is observing them in the distance!” Cari wrote in her now viral post.

It turned out, the woman wasn’t the only witnessed of the wrestling match. A grey wolf was also watching them, from safe distance. “Keep a sharp eye out for the little wolf that is observing them in the distance,” Cari said.

According to wildlife experts, clashes between grizzly bears are common during the mating season, which is in spring. Yet, in this situation, the two large animals were most likely disputing their territory.

Watch the once in a lifetime video, bellow:

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