Two guys went fishing but ended up rescuing orphaned kittens

When going to fishing, it’s supposed to catch some fishes, right? Well that’s what these Alabama fishermen thought, too, only to end up saving a pair of innocent kittens.

Two friends, Jason Frost, 28, and Brandon Key, 34, went on a fishing trip in in Warrior River in Hueytown, Alabama, but little did they knew they would be hailed as heroes at the end of the day. The lads were on the boat when spotted something swimming towards them. They could’t believe their eyes when realized there were actually two kittens.


“We turned around and didn’t see anything, but a few minutes later, we saw something swimming above the surface getting closer and closer,” Jason told ABC News. “Then I heard it meowing, and I could tell it was a cat. I was like, ‘Hey, Brandon, you need to record this.'”

As expected, the two fishermen took the little kittens on their boat and took a look around, just in case there was another kitten there. Most likely, the two little souls have been abandoned, but thankfully Jason and Brandon were at the right place at the right time and saved the day.


When back on shore, the two men told the story to some strangers that were looking at them. And they were so impressed by what they heard and seen, they decided to adopt them straight away.

“When we got back to shore, there was a family staring at us weird,” Jason said. “Probably [they were] wondering why we had cats on a boat when cats hate being wet. We told them the story and showed them the video. They really seemed interested in the kittens, so we let them take the kittens home.”

Brandon even managed to capture on camera their rescue. The heart-warming footage instantly went viral with numerous people showing gratitude to these heroes. “I really don’t know how to describe this video, but the Warrior River never fails to surprise me……this puts a new spin on the term ‘cat-fishing'”, the kind-hearted man wrote in the video description. It’s no wonder it gained over 12 million views. Take a look:

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