Two in one: jawdropping home and car showroom

A multi-million-dollar residence! Not only does it have luxury, elegance and affluence galore but it showcases an automobile showroom as well. You do not have to be a great car lover to want to live here. It is enough to see some makes of automobiles from the owner’s collection and you will undergo a dramatic change of heart.


The exterior is flagstone and brick with darkwood loggia at one side and the outdoor space encompasses beautifully manicured lawn. While spending time indoors, the smell of new posh cars may come as a surpise or even shock to you and you may never be able to look at a house again that lacks this part.

As for the car lovers, these would probably like this house to be on wheels so it can be towed all over the place, which would not such an impossible undertaking for someone who could afford to buy it, on condition they have the money left for it. Till then, how about closing your eyes, stretching your imagination and imagining this is your home sweet home?

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