Husband gives wife ultimatum: ‘It’s me or the dogs’

There is a very strong reason why they call dogs man’s best friend. So it has to be hard to let your dog go, right? But you definitely can’t break up with your significant other over a pet, or can you?

A recent online poll for the U.K.’s “This Morning!” asked people if they would prefer spending more time with their pet over their partners. After more than 2,000 votes, the results showed that 52 percent have choose their pets.

Liz Haslam who is a true animal lover and founder of “Beds for Bullies,” a foundation for bull terriers that provides shelter and TLC, can greatly relate to this online poll. Over the year, she rescued lots of animals, among them 16 bull terriers who found a fever home under the same roof as Liz.

Unfortunately, Liz’s husband wasn’t too fond of her canine children. Therefore he gave her an ultimatum: ‘him or the dogs.’ So after 17 years of marriage, the woman had to take the hardest decision of her life.

“My husband said: ‘It’s either the dogs or me.’ Since that moment I have neither seen nor heard from him,” she said. It all began when the couple moved to a country house. There, Liz assumed that she had enough space to launch her “Beds for Bullies.” While she personally felt fulfilled, financially she was in ruins.

And she made the best decision ever!

“I thought that, after 25 years, he should’ve known that giving up dogs was not a part of my intentions  not at all,” Liz said. “He knew from the moment we got married what I was all about. I don’t know what he expected.”


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