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The Australian North Queensland small town of Daintree is situated at about 100 kilometers north of Cairns and approximately 50 kilometers from Port Douglas. The Daintree River flows near this settlement which actually took its name from a pioneering geologist.

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Daintree was first settled by timber workers seeking a tree commonly (if incorrectly) known as Red Cedar. Loggers used to move stocks of “Red Cedar” down the river to the coast for transport using lashed rafts. Later on, dairy farms were established and that allowed a butter factory to be opened in 1924. Beef farming is also an important local employer.

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Alkira is the name of a 29-acre eco estate to be found in the heart of the Daintree at Cape Tribulation. This residence was designed by the multi award-winning architect Charles Wright. The uniqueness of the design was probably the main reason why it was crowned as the 2014 winner of the Queensland Architectural Award. The property is completely secluded, all while being close to necessary amenities and within walking distance to the beach.

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Apparently rising from the middle of a lake, a large open air living area connects five bedrooms each with views overlooking the lake and the luxuriant landscape. There is also a swimming pool for a convenient dive as an alternative to the lake or the nearby ocean. According to the advertisement, the owner is looking for buyers that will completely see and appreciate the features of the estate which is listed at $15,000,000 AUD.

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