Unlucky cheetah stuck in tree at Japan zoo becomes Internet sensation

The say once a cat, always a cat never was more accurate! While we all know how naughty and tricksy our lovely cat are, we never expect from a majestic feline like cheetahs to have such a hilarious behavior. Well, these photos will prove you the opposite.

While walking through the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo to capture some photos, Twitter user Nekooyaji managed to capture a totally hilarious scene.  After posting a series of beautiful shots with some large felines having fun in their enclosures, the amateur photographer surprisingly a playful cheetah as it got stuck in a tree.

After he shared the images on social media, his post went viral with users letting their imagination to run wild. And while we’re all feeling sorry for the poor animal, on the other hand it incredible how funny its “derpy face” is.  However, Nekooyaji assured his followers that the cheetah somehow managed to got itself out from the unlucky situation.

Anyway, no matter how odd is was for this cheetah to get stuck in a tree, at least it is an Internet sensation right now. Just look at that face!

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