Unwanted senior dog who put his face in the corner of the kennel and finds a dream home

When Jack, an aging canine, was brought to the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in Virginia, his fear and melancholy were palpable. His sorrow was so profound that he would hide his face in the corner of his kennel.

The Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society noted that Jack had a habit of burying his face in the corner every time he was in his kennel, necessitating that they lift him. They discovered, however, that his spirits would slightly lift when he was taken outdoors.

After a month at the shelter, Susie’s Senior Dogs decided it was time to find Jack a permanent home. They shared a Facebook post highlighting how Jack, despite his shelter fears, had shown no signs of aggression towards the volunteers or staff. They expressed their earnest desire to find him a home, as the thought of him spending his entire life in solitude was deeply saddening.

To their relief, Susie’s Senior Dogs received numerous inquiries about Jack, who was suffering from heartworm and pre-existing hip and kidney conditions. Among those interested was a kind young woman, who along with her dog, visited the shelter specifically to meet Jack.

The meeting went remarkably well, with Jack showing friendliness towards the woman and her dog. Taken by Jack’s personality, the woman decided to adopt him as a companion for her other dog. In the end, it was a heartwarming conclusion for Jack’s story!

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