Vanessa Paradis lives in Johnny Depp’s $4.4M posh villa in the Hollywood Hills

The unmarried couple – Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp – lived with their two children in the suburbs of Paris, a villa in the South of France and a private island in the Bahamas but  when they moved to Los Angeles rumor had it that their life together had come to an end. It all came out in the open when Depp acquired a Mediterranean-style Hollywood Hills, reportedly as a parting gift to his ex.


Built in 1990, the five-bedroom and five-bath-5,800-square-foot luxury home is located in a wooded area in the neighborhood of celebrated Tinseltown sights. The plush pad features a swimming pool, hot tub and beamed ceilings in all the rooms. Both the ‘gourmet’ kitchen and the living room with double height ceilings are open floor plan. The dining room with tiled floors looks out onto the living room and the over-sized master bedroom features an en suite bathroom and dressing space. There is an office overlooking the mosaic-walled pool and the adjacent hot tub for when the weather is cold. The property also has a three-car garage and four more cars can be parked into the driveway.


Celeb neighbors like Jack Nicholson, Pamela Anderson also make the property worthy. Let alone that the famous Mulholland Drive was the topic of David Lynch’s 2001 movie. Like neighborhood, like neighbors!


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