Video captures hundreds of dolphins swimming alongside boat off California coast

A moment like this shows just how magnificent Mother Nature can be. Watching these adorable creatures being wild and free is truly a sight to behold. The rare footage, captured by Chuck Patterson, a San Clement watermen. The man, said he was driving the boat when suddenly a pod of hundreds of dolphins started to swim alongside the boat, CBS  News reports.

“They came out of nowhere,” he said. “They looked like they were going down the coast and kind of hooked up with us to go up the coast. We were by ourselves the whole time. It was really cool.”  The once in a lifetime moment was filmed off the coast of Laguna Beach, Californian coast. Patterson admitted he has seen dolphins pods before, but never in such a large number.

He also said the adorable marine mammals have been racing with the boat for about 25 minutes. “They were pretty impressive how fast they were charging. It’s amazing. It’s just something that tells you and shows you the ocean is alive and gives you a different respect of how beautiful nature is and we really need to preserve it more to see these magic moments. It’s super empowering,” he says. “It was one of those feel-good moments. You could watch them for hours.”

The official numbers indicate that over 450,000 dolphins live in the Southern California waters, the highest density in the world. Watch the incredible moment, bellow!

The video was then shared on Facebook, gaining thousands of reactions with people fallen in love with those intelligent creatures. “Absolutely amazing witnessing this huge pod of young dolphins marching up off coast of Laguna Beach today,” Chuck Patterson wrote on his post. Mother Nature’s amazing wonders never disappoint.” And this time, I have to admit, Mother Nature hasn’t disappointed us.

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