Viral footage shows alligator climbing over fence to make its way into military base

I’ve seen lots of dogs climbing fences, but an alligator? Well, that would have been too much! But, apparently not if you’re living in Florida, where alligators climbing are regularly climbing 10 feet high fences. And a recently viral video, proves it.

It was nothing but a regular day for Christina Stewart in Jacksonville, Florida, when she got a phone call from a friend who told her there’s an alligator trying to climb the fence at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville. Since the place was at only two minutes drive from her home, the woman went to check it out. And guess what? It was there, a huge alligator trying to break in the military base. Scared at first, Christina quickly realized she actually safe inside her care so she started to film the entirely scene. And her video ended up on Facebook where it gone viral shortly.

“When someone says there is [an] alligator on base of course i have to go see and glad i did got to watch him or her crawl over the gate and disappear so neat,” Christina wrote in her post caption, gaining thousands of reactions.

“It’s a good reminder not to let small pets or children roam around by themselves or play near the water in Florida,” one person wrote. “You truly never know where a gator might be hanging out. And that one is big enough to worry, even for some smaller adults.”

Contacted about the incident, the officials with the air station told WTVM that they don’t plan on removing the reptile from the premises until it poses a danger to nearby residents.

Watch the full video bellow:

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