Viral footage shows lazy seagull casually riding on another seagull’s back

Animal Kingdom sometimes offers the most spectacular sights. The kind of things you can barely believe to be true. Such an incredible moment has recently sparked debates online with everyone wondering how could animals came out with anything like that.


A pair of seagulls has recently went viral and the reason may be really hard to believe – the ultimate team work. The two birds have been caught on camera as flying in a very bizarre fashion. One of the seagulls is sitting on the back on its companion as the last fly just like it is the most ordinary thing.


The moment is even stranger, as seagulls are known as very solitary birds and extremely selfish. But, as we said it before, wildlife never stop to amaze! Apparently, this behavior is as strange as uncommon. Even seagull expert, Peter Rock has been baffled by the unusual scene.


Speaking for THE DODO, Rock said: “It is quite amusing, but I’ve never seen this before.” He said it’s very to find a proper explanation for such a unique behavior, yet, the expert said there might be some hints that might explain it. This is the exact position the gulls adopt for mating,” Rock joked. “Is this, in the gull world, what you’d call the mile high club?”

Watch the spectacular moment, here:

h.t: thedodo

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