Heartbreaking photo of dolphin carrying dead calf in Western Australia goes viral


Heartbreaking images showing a mother dolphin carrying its lifeless calf in Perth, went viral. Captured in Western Australia, in the devastating scene a dolphin can be seen while pushing baby with its nose.

“A sad outcome for one of the Swan Canning Riverpark’s new dolphin calves,” Parks and Wildlife Western Australia revealed in a statement.

The organization continued:

“The calf was found deceased in Claremont Bay after becoming entangled in a crab pot. Mother Moon was swimming alongside the calf when the pair was located by the Parks and Wildlife Service on Monday after being reported by a member of the public. ”

“The dead calf has since been freed from the crab pot, but remains in the water with the mother dolphin as she grieves. Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures and are known to stay with their young for a period of time following a death.”

“We will continue to monitor the pair and remove the calf when appropriate to do so. We ask the public to stay well away from the dolphin and her dead calf during this time. This is a timely reminder to safely dispose of all fishing lines and ropes and report any tangled wildlife immediately.”

The sad image quickly went viral on social media with many users revealing their frustrations over the carelessness some are treating the wild animals and the environment.

“Bloody Fisherman and their gear. Hate them all. So over having to clean up after their mess and seeing bait bags, monofilament lines, sinkers, hooks and nets in the water killing marine life and polluting the ocean,” one user wrote.

“Sadness caused by carelessness of people,” another person added.