Waitress serves 9 Police officers, then she realizes something is terribly wrong

Jessica Dunbar is working as a waitress at Red Robin in Columbus, Ohio and in one day the young woman noticed that nine police officers sit in her restaurant section. Nothing unusual until Jessica while taking the order, heard one of the officers saying: “It’s always a rough day when you’ve gotta put a brother in the ground.” Hearing the heartbreaking story, the waitress hasn’t said anything, more, she pretend she hasn’t heard a thing. But when they asked for the bill, they were so surprised.


When their $123 bill arrived with a total of $0.00, they found a note from the kindly waitress:


Your bill is on me today. I can’t imagine the day you all have had, let alone what you go through every day.

I hope your days get better. So much respect.

#WeSeeYou #PoliceLivesMatter #RIPOfficerSmith.”

That day was a terrible one for the officers, because they had laid to rest one of their comrades, Officer Steven M.Smith. The 27-year-old officer had been injured that week and after two days in hospital he past away, leaving behind his wife and his two children.

Truly impressed by the waitress’ act of kindness, one of the officers said: “It really touched all of our hearts. We weren’t expecting to be treated any different than normal, and just for somebody to come and do that, it really made our day.”

When asked why she did that gesture, Jessica, who’s the daughter of a retired police officer, said: “I just wanted to do something nice. You can’t put a dollar amount on making somebody happy. He left behind a wife and kids. It could’ve been me. It could’ve been my dad. People look up to them. To have them shake my hand and say ‘thank you’ to me, that was incredible.”

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