WATCH: Another heartbreaking Christmas ad from the man behind £50 viral video

The mind behind the heartbreaking viral Christmas video that broke everyone’s heart has struck again and we are balling our eyes out all over again!
Phil Beastall was the mind behind the £50 viral tearjerker called ‘Love is a Gift’ video and he has just released another absolutely heartbreaking video.

The 32-year-old filmmaker has now been signed to ITV’s Good Morning Britain to help create and promote their Christmas giving pledge.

The young man from Gloucestershire, UK has once again broken our hearts and made us cry our eyes out with this new video called Time is a Gift.

The message behind this beautiful video is to encourage people to spend time with people who are lonely this Christmas.

The clip begins with a woman in bed and she is being hugged by a hand, however, when she turns around she is alone and begins to cry and so do we.

As the video progresses it continues to get even more heartbreaking.

At the very end of the video a slogan pops up and it says: “You can help end loneliness.”

Phil spoke on Good Morning Britain and said: “It’s been incredible. I thought people would watch in the local community.

“To be asked to create this film for you guys is such an honour.

“With all of us we’ve grown this thick exterior where we go out to the world and battle it and under it all, we have a soft core and we want to be loved.”

John Partridge, a former Eastenders actor, was also on the show and he spoke about he lost his mother to Alzheimer’s last year.

“It’s funny isn’t it because we’re talking about time and time is a healer,” he said.

“This is the second Christmas now and I can look back and think fondly. Sometimes you don’t want to talk to the people closest to you.

“We are an incredibly generous country. We give millions of pounds. Time is something we all have and we can all give.

“Loneliness leads to depression which leads to Alzheimer’s. I know that contributed to my mum’s condition.”

Take a look at the video and cry along with us!

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