Weatherman holds onto adoption dog during forecast only hilarious result has viewers cracking up

Usually we watch the news to see the weather forecast. But this time it turns into a totally hilarious show. It happened at the Global Edmonton’s news station in Canada. There, the Humane Society have brought one of their dogs. It was a beautiful 18-month-old Mastiff, named Ripple, who seemed to be a little bit to playful as usual. Before the forecast, the weatherman, Mike Sobel enters into the studio accompanied by the adorable Ripple.

But, from the beginning it was clear that things won’t go as planned for Mike. The sweet dog started to play with his leash while the weatherman is trying to calm him down. He tries to tell the dog to “sit,” but without any result. So as Mr. Mike is trying to do his job, all what Ripple cares about is to have fun.

It all turn into a truly hilarious moment. There’s so funny watching the weatherman how is trying so hard to control the adorable dog, while Ripple thinks his leash is the perfect chew toy. Needless to say that the whole moment was live on TV to the delighting of the viewers. Watch the video bellow to see this funny moment. Enjoy it!

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