Which banana would you eat? Your answer will have an effect on your health


We all love bananas, and we eat them to gain energy and different health benefits. Kids enjoy the taste and is some of the first foods we offer to our children and some adults consume bananas to keep a high potassium levels. This healthy fruit also gives your body the right amount of vitamins, in addition to other nutrients our bodies need. Of course, you see that bananas have different colors but you know the benefits they offer?

A few people know that each banana coloration has its own distinct advantages. First in our list, the greenest of bananas are a very important in our diet when we want to keep our blood sugar in limits. They have a low level in the glycemic index and are the perfect snack for those who must keep an eye to their body’s sugar levels. Young and green bananas offer a longer period of satiety.

The most popular is the yellow banana, right? Yellow bananas are not spotty. They have a sweeter flavor compared to the green and young banana and are extremely healthy. Our stomach can digest them easily and the antioxidants contained within are able to protect our bodies from a wide range of diseases.

What do we know about the spotted yellow banana? This kind of banana is also rich in antioxidants and helps patients who are fighting tumors. We should look for the brown spots as the banana will help to fight various “bad” cells in the body that are known to cause cancer.

Bananas that are soft and brown are slightly unattractive and seem to offer us less benefits from a health standpoint. This kind of banana has more sugary than their lighter versions. These bananas also have good parts and offer us many vitamins. They have a high level tryptophan, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. Also contain various nutrients that increase muscle and bone health.

Different banana types offer us many benefits and now that you know, be sure to pass this awesome story along. Whether you are someone who consumes bananas for the health benefits or you are someone who just loves the taste of this popular fruit, there is no doubting the advantages that they have to offer us.