While filming seagulls man captures a unique moment


While boating off the Alaskan coast, this group noticed something unusual. There was something in the water, not far from them. Brad Rich was boating with some friends on the waters of Seward in Alaska. They suddenly some incredible massive creatures nearby!

They’ve all questioned what it could be! So they carefully approached. When they get close enough, lots of seagulls were spotted overhead. Therefore, they quickly realised there might a humpback whale. And thankfully, Brad and his crew were able to capture not one, but a group of humpback whales at hunting. And the video went viral after it was shared, being viewed by more than 14 million people. You’ll definitely understand why, after you’ll watch it.

There was a group of whales feeding in the water, and that’s what was causing the water irregularity. The group of friends could only see a part of the whales, however what happened next was very unexpected.

Another group of whales came up right next to the boat that Brad and his friends were in. They were afraid and happy at the same time. I guess most of us would not know how to feel or react on those situations as well. The men are stoned and fascinated as well, because this kind of scene you may only see on Discovery documentaries.

But when Brad and his friends thought there’s nothing more exciting, an epic moment took place. Just watch the video bellow to see how a humpback whale feeding frenzy looks like: