Winners of the 2017 Nat Geo Nature photographer of the year contest will take your breath away

The prestigious National Geographic magazine has released the results of 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year contest. And the captures of Planet Earth at its height will definitely take your breath away. The competition has four different categories: landscape, wildlife, underwater and aerials. And for 2017 was submitted no more than 11,000 photos.

Beside the glory, the first winner also receives $7,500. More than that, the winning picture will appear in National Geographic magazine. Of course, beside the grand winner, each of the four categories will offer a winner too. Here, the winner is reworded with 2,500.

For you and for all nature lovers out there we’ve selected some of the great shots of the competition. And they are just adorable. Scroll down to convince yourself!

1.Pied Falconet Family, Kant Liang


2. Mother Natures Camo, Cole Frechou


3. A happy seal model, captured in the north of Denmark by Lars Lykke


4.Stealthy Eyes, Melissa Stevens


5. The Lion In The Sea Of Flowers by Ge Xiao


6.Liquid Bear by Mike Korostelev. This beautiful shot was taken from the water in Kamchatka, Russia


7.No Ordinary Bear by Andy S. The photo was taken in some extremely weather condition. The photographer was needed to endure some very low temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius.


8. Honorable Mention, Wildlife: Macaque Maintenance, Lance Mcmillan


9.Don’t Come Any Closer by Marc Hornig


10. The Grand Prize Winner: Face To Face In A River In Borneo, photo by Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan


11. Firefall by Karim Iliya. First place winner at Landscapes category


12. People’s Choice, Landscapes: Kalsoy, Wojciech Kruczyński. This adorable capture was taken in the Faroe Islands


13. Mother’s Love by Alejandro Prieto. Taken in Yucatán, Mexico, it illustrates how both pink flamingo parents are feeding their chicks.


14. Winter in Transylvania by Calin Stan. This is the birthplace of the legendary Count Dracula


15. Étirement, Joël Fischer


16.Great Gray Owl, Harry Collins. People’s Choice at the Wildlife category


17. Life Force, Amy Gulick


18. Arctic Majesty by Frank Joa


19. Rock Pool, Todd Kennedy. The first place winner at Aerials category


20. Three White Rhinos, Alan Smith


21. Flight Of Angels, Vikram Ghanekar


22. Drip by Greg C. The third place winner at Aerials category


23. In Transit, Christine Lai


24. Hunting With African Wild Dogs, Erik Joosten



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