Woman and her dog perform magical dance together

Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures, so it is much more easier for them to learn different tricks, than other animals. Even though, teaching them how to practice different activities requires a lot of work and patience. But in the end it might worth all the time spent. However, speaking of tricks, what this owner-dog duo does is quite impressive.

To be honest, I almost cried after my beloved Neto has first sat when gave him a treat, after so many hours of practice. Therefore, I can’t even imagine how this woman reacted when her beloved Border Collie accompanied her on the dance floor. Needless to mention the amount of time they’ve both put in.

Even though Border Collies are a very intelligent dog breed, what the cute Lizzy does is completely breathtaking. In a touching viral footage, Sandra and Lizzy are dancing together and they make every move to look so easy. The woman is a jazz and ballet professional dancer, so her moves are easier to explain, but Lizzy’s? The lovely pup shows some impressive skills showcasing her remarkable intelligence and athleticism.

According to Sandra, she started to teach Lizzy dance moves even since she was only a few months old puppy. “Lizzy has been learning tricks and freestyle moves since she was a puppy,” the woman said. “But we’ve had many problems and she was not an easy dog. So our main focus for the first 3 years was on her social behaviour and not on dog sports.”

Sandra said it is not just about skills and patience, but confidence as well. Watching their magical dance routine, it is easy to see they’re connected by such a special bond. “[She] gets more and more confident and our relationship has improved a lot,” the woman wrote. “She is also starting to enjoy the attention by the audience.”

Watch Sandra and Lizzy’s magical moment here:

h/t: thedodo

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