Woman carries massive 55 lbs dog for 6 hours to save his life

In extreme situation, people are able to perform miracles. We all heard about situations when people earned some super-powers when come to save the loved ones. And it comes to save their beloved animals, it happens exactly the same. You probably heard about people who run into burning homes to save their dogs or cats. Well, this situation is just the same.

Tia and her dad were on a mountain hike when they found an injured dog. For a few minutes they’ve looked around for its owners, but there was no one. The poor dog was unable to walk because of its injuries. But Tia, a true animal lover, knew she only had an option, and that was to took the dog with her. The thing is, he wasn’t a small tiny dog, but the opposite he was a massive 55 pounds springer spaniel.

Anyway, despite his weight Tia took him up and carried him on her shoulder for more than six hours. And imagine that a hike is not easy at all, without carrying a dog.

“He was pretty beat up,” Tia said. “He couldn’t walk… For all I knew he could have been out there for a week. Yes, we had to hike through snow, we lost the trail at one point. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. ”

But in the end, Tia completed her mission and after six and a half hours and more than six mile of hard ground they finally made it.The woman took the dog directly to a vet, where he received the proper treatment. And thanks to this kind hearted woman he’s alive.

Meet Tia and Boomer bellow!

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