Woman has close encounter with huge black bear in Rhode Island

As an animal lover I really love all animals on Earth. However, I don’t think I’ll feel very comfortable to come face to face with a huge creature as a black bear is. Well, this woman experienced that feeling recently, when she has a close encounter with a huge bear in Rhode Island.

According to Boston News, animal control officers in Narragansett issued a warning about the furry animals and shared up-close photos from the woman’s experience near Camp Varnum with a black bear. The officers said the woman shut herself in her car and “the bear opened the car door and she fought to shut it from inside.”

“Black bears can run as fast as around 30 mph,” the animal control officers wrote. “Yes, it’s ‘cool,’ but it is a bear, a wild animal. If sighted please secure yourself as quickly as possible!”

Thankfully, the woman is now safe, according to animal control.

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