Kind woman opens hospice for lonely senior dogs so they can feel loved again

They are called men’s best friend because of the unconditional love and loyalty they offer. Yet, many dogs are being abandoned on the streets and left to die alone. Unfortunately, this is the reality of countless dogs all over the planet. And while most of the people are doing nothing, this retired nurse decide to offer everything to these senior dogs. It’s how the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project was born, run by Nicola Coyle, a woman whose love for dogs is beyond imagination

The 46-year-old woman from Mansfield,England runs the centre from her home. And her main goal is to give these helpless creatures the chance to enjoy their last moments of life, in peace and harmony. Nicola take is two dogs at a time, and priority have those with less than six months to live. She usually take them from the local shelters and she tries to take care, especially of those who’re about to be put down to sleep.

“It can be an utterly heartbreaking job. But I just can’t bear the thought of them spending their final moments without the love they deserve,” the kind woman told the Nottingham Post. “I’m a complete animal lover and I just can’t bear the thought of them spending their final days, weeks or months without the love they deserve. It can be really tough, but ultimately it’s so rewarding when you can make those times special. I normally have a maximum of two dogs at any one time.”

According to Nicola, each dogs has its own touching story and most of them are abandoned by their owner because of being too old or because it’s too expensive to pay for their vet bills. The woman says she spend around £500 for each doggy. She organize them birthday party (even if she admits she doesn’t know where their birthday is) and she even complete their bucket lists.

“I don’t know when their birthdays are so we make sure we throw all of them birthday party. If they’re well enough, we take them for a day at the seaside, they get fish and chips on the beach and ice cream,” Nicola says.”We’ll also take them down to the local pub, it’s really dog friendly, and they’ll get a steak dinner too.”

Thanks to this kind-hearted woman, these senior dogs are getting the chance to taste a bit of a happy life! God bless you, Nicola!

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