Woman rescues injured bee and now they are best friends

We often heard about people and animals developing some incredible bonds. That proves human beings are easily able to establish friendships with almost any animal on the planet. However, I must admit I’ve never heard of a friendship between a human and an insect. Well, until this unbelievable story surfaced, breaking all the pet stereotypes.

Fiona Presly was spending some time in her garden when noticed a Queen Bumblebee lying on her feet. Being fond of all wild creatures, Fiona gently picked the bee on her hand.  It’s when she observed the little creature has been injured as both of its wings ere missing. Even if it was the first time she met a bee in those circumstances, the kind-hearted woman tried to help the insect to recover its strength. So she gave it some water with sugar and then laid it on some flower, thinking some pollens may help.

However, after a couple of hour, when Fiona returned in the garden, the little insect was still there. And since the rain started, she took the bee inside her home, to take care of it.  “I was working out in the garden. I turned around and thought ‘Ooh, there’s a bee.’ ” Fiona told the Dodo. “I kinda looked at her and thought, ‘you haven’t any wings! How are you going to manage?’. ”

Without knowing too much about bees, Fiona called the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to find out how she should help her unexpected guest. It’s how she found out, the little visitor is actually suffering from a virus that prevented her wings from sprouting. Therefore, letting it out in the wild, the bee’s fate could have been sealed. So Fiona decided to take care of her.

The woman even built a mini garden for her little friend. Ans as the days passed by, Fiona and the bee started to develop an incredible bond. They just became inseparable buddies.

“We were quite comfortable with each other. There were things going on with this bee that were quite something,” Fiona said. “It was like her whole being came to life. I think she liked the fact that she wasn’t alone. I think she thrived on the company, even from another species. They are naturally sociable creatures. That would be in their instinct.”

The story of Fiona and her unusual little friend went viral, melting hearts of millions. After all, it’s no wonder a video of Fiona talking about her adorable companion gained more than 122 million views:

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