Woman caught repeatedly throwing puppy into lake, police refuse to take action


A video showing a woman while tossing a scared puppy in the waters of Lake Erie at a local beach, went viral. The heartbreaking video was captured by Elijah Boggs, from Vermillion. As it wasn’t enough she has thrown the poor dog once, every time the pup scrambles out of the water, soaking and shivering, the woman throws him in again.

Elijah is trying to call the woman out for her merciless act, but unsuccessfully. In fact, the heartless woman replies that she wants her puppy to learn swimming. She seems pretty unconcerned with the fact that she has been continuously threatening the puppy’s life through her actions.

When she throws the scared puppy in for a third time, Elijah threatens police action and the woman finally stops. Elijah eventually did report the woman’s actions to the police, but they ignored his pleas.

Therefore, unfortunately the police took no action. The prosecutor’s office and Animal Protective League officers found the puppy to be in good health. In the end, they let the woman go, as her actions were not considered to be “malicious”.

Source https://ilovemydogsomuch.tv