Woman took her dogs to a swim in a North Carolina pond, within hours the pups died


What it should have been a great afternoon, turned into a tragedy for this woman in North Carolina, after all her beloved dogs have died.

Melissa Martin and Denise Mintz thought it might be a great idea to take their dogs for a swim to a pond in Wilmington, as the outside temperatures were pretty high. Unfortunately, soon after they left the place one of the dogs, Abby started to have a seizure, the CNN News reports.

Scared, Melissa took Abby to the closest veterinary clinic, with the other two dogs, right behind her. But when she was about to enter into the hospital, Izzy and Harpo started seizing too.

Dramatically, after few hours all three dogs have passed away. And the reason is unbelievable. According to the vet who desperately tried to saved them, it was an algae that poisoned the pups.

“[The dogs] contracted blue green algae poisoning and there was nothing they could do.”

Completely heartbroken, Melissa still had the power to raise awareness so other dog owners to be able to protect their companions. In a Facebook she wrote:

“What started out as a fun night for them has ended in the biggest loss of our lives. We are gutted. I wish I could do today over. I would give anything to have one more day with them.”

According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the blue-green algae are developing in fresh waters during the hot season. These algae are so dangerous, an animal could die in less than 15 minute, after exposure.

Melissa declared he carefully watched over the pond, but she could not see any sign of algae. Now, all she wants is to prevent other dogs to loose their lives because of that.

“I will not stop until I make positive change,” she said. “I will not lose my dogs for nothing.”