World’s most eye-popping hotel suites (2)

  1. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Highlights of the well-appointed suites include suggestive artwork, a spa bath which looks over the Strip, a high-end indoor pool, a poker table and a revolving circular bed. The Palms is a much sought-after spot for celebrities. Other facilities luring the wealthy are the sky-high club, with a retractable roof and the poolside paradise.

1 las vegas

  1. Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France

This 5-star hotel is located in Cannes, the busy tourist destination hosting the annual Cannes Film Festival, among other cultural  events. With its rich historical background and architectural beauty, this luxurious hotel overlooking the Bay of Cannes and the Mediterranean features a private beach, the only 2-star Michelin restaurant in Cannes, 27 suites and 2,500 square meters of conference room.

2 cannes

  1. The Raj Palace Hotel, India

Endowed with high-end facilities, the Raj Palace Hotel is a glamorous tourist base, being one of a kind in that it is the only ones that the  Marajah stayed at which has been restored to its original architectural design.

3 india

  1. Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo (1)

The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo belongs to the luxury hotel chain which is nowadays a subsidiary of Marriott International. It tops Tokio’s tallest skyscaper, enjoying stunning views, among which the Imperial Palace and Mount Fuji are worth mentioning. The suites include very large rooms with electric electric drapes and similarly large marble bathrooms that come complete with multiple washbasins, shower/tub unit, Toto bidet and cabinets.

4 ritz carlton (1)

  1. Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo (2)

 5 Ritz-Carlton (2)

  1. Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel, New York

 6 Ty-Warner-Penthouse-Four-Seasons-Hotel-New-York

  1. The Royal Penthouse, Corinthia Hotel, London

 7 The-Royal-Penthouse-Corinthia-Hotel-London

  1. Bridge Suite, The Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

8 Bridge-Suite-The-Atlantis-Resort-Bahamas

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