Young boy bought old painting for $2, is floored when he discovers true worth

Generally, the collectors that show up on  “Antiques Roadshow” are adults, but this bright-eyed little boy decided to take his chance. Despite his young age, he shown a lot of maturity if we’re thinking about the hobby he choose. Besides his passion of buying and selling things in his free time, the youngster also enjoy collecting antiques, like sterling silver, glass and art among his favorite items.

So he decided to bring an old painting in front of David Weiss, at an auction hosted in South Jersey.

Asked how did he get the painting, the cute little guy said he begged his father to buy it from an auction where he finally get it for $2. The painting’s subject is everyday family’s life, an often approach of Albert Neuhuys, a 19th-century artist, born in Holland, the artist who painted it.

Next, when David asked the boy how much he thought his painting would be worth, he said $150. But in reality, the Neuhuys painting is worth around $1,000 – $1,500.  The boy’s face, when he heard that says it all, as you can see in the video bellow!




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