This guy couldn’t find a date for prom, so he took his cat instead

You probably know how stressful the prom is for any student. What to wear or who’s gonna be your date are just adding some extra pressure to the moment. Anyway, after all, the prom is about relaxing and having fun so if you won’t find a date is not the end of the world. Sam Steingard is one of those who failed in finding someone for the prom and since going alone is not actually the best option, he came up with a brilliant idea!

“My brother took our cat to prom…” Sam’s sister Caroline, said. “My mom (Joanne) decided to buy our cat a dress and sparkly collar so my brother would have someone to take pictures with.”

According to the Happiest, Ruby, the family’s cat is gazing up longingly at Sam. They make quite the pair. And they’ve grown up together. The family found the cat behind a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant 10 years ago, and that’s how she got her name. Now, they’re going to prom together. Isn’t this the great story, like ever?

“When I was younger, she would walk with me to school and then when we arrived she would walk herself home and meet me there after school. She’s a great cat,” Caroline said.  “She loves Sam because he likes to talk to her in a baby voice and he will give her treats once in a while. Since being home on summer break Sam did build her a little cat fort out of a cardboard box and an old tee shirt. Even though she has a $40 heated cat bed, she prefers the homemade fort.”

More than that, the photo they took went viral and ever since people on the internet have been having a great time photoshopping Sam and Ruby into more prom situations. “Both me and my brother miss her so much when we’re away at college,” said Caroline.


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