Young man loses adoptive mom, writes chilling song that leaves the room silent

Brandon Elder is a young man with such a rough background that it makes you realize your life has been really blessed. But, despite his truly hard life so far, Brandon is so grateful for what he’s having.

Recently he tried his luck at the American Idol, where instead of singing a famous song, he decided to seduce the judges and the audience with a song wrote by himself. A song intended to describe his special relationship with his adoptive mother.

When he was just 10-month-old, Brandon was traded by his biological mother for a car. Fortunately, his step-grandmother, Patricia Elder saved him from that horrifying situation and raised him like her own son until the cancer took her away. Brandon loved so much his adoptive mother that he even dropped out of college to take care of her when she was ill. Spending time with Brandon and listening him playing guitar gave Patricia the comfort she needed. After she passed away, Brandon decided to wrote a song in her memory, called “Gone.” But he had no idea that song will make him famous years later.

Even if they admitted that original songs performances are often nightmares, all three American Idol judges were blown way by Brandon’s adorable performance. Just press play on the video bellow and you’ll fall in love with Brandon’s beautiful song!


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